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Minigal is no longer in development, so unfortunately support is closed.

RSS feed available!


- Using exifer under mg2 vice the default exif reader
- Integrating MG2 in Wordpress

Send new tutorials to support@minigal.dk in order to get them hosted here.

You can help too!

If you appreciate Minigal and want to help out, you can help
in a number of ways:

Make a donation
Even though Minigal is 100% free, you can make a paypal donation
to the author if you want to show your appreciation.

Advertise for Minigal
You can help by spreading the word about Minigal around the net
and/or your own website. You can also install one of the Minigal
banners on your website.

Add to the FAQ
All users are encouraged to use and contribute to the FAQ development.
Just use the add content feature to add you own Q&A, and a
FAQ modeerator will review it and add it to the existing FAQ.

Programming help
If you have experience programming in PHP, maybe you can join the
development team or give feedback on coding. Register at the forum
and offer your help.

Other help
If you have other skills that could be useful, such as graphic design,
you should also register at the forum and offer your help.


Help promoting MG2 by adding a banner to your website!

I you can help design good looking banners, then join the forum and offer your help.

(Thanks to snagt and myaleigh for contributing the banners)

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