MG2 v0.5.1

Minigal B13

MG2 Supported languages

Bosnian Bulgarian Chinese Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Finnish French German Greek Hungarian Icelandic Italian Latvian Lithuanian Norwegian Polish Portugese Russian Slovak Spanish Swedish

Download language files here

To translate MG2 to your language, see this thread

Web standards

MG2 conforms to the following standards:

XHTML valid
CSS valid
Unicode Encoded Badge

Bug reports

Have you found a bug?

...then report it here.

Here you can download MG2 and the original Minigal script (discontinued).

You can download additional skins, plugins, mods and language files for MG2 in the Addon directory.

You can still download the original Minigal script here (templates included):

Minigal development is unpaid, so if you find the script useful, please make
a donation by pressing the button below.

Minigal is free software, licensed as GPL. Read Minigal TERMS OF USE.


MG2 requires the following in order to run:

All required software can be obtained for free.

* GD graphics library has been bundled with PHP since version 4.3

How to install

Before installing MG2, make sure your webserver complies with MG2 requirements!

  1. Use FTP to create a folder on your website, eg. 'www.yourserver.com/gallery'.
  2. Upload the contents of the zip file (including subfolders) to the new folder.
  3. Point your webbrowser to 'www.yourdomain.com/gallery'.
  4. Follow the installation wizard.

How to install new skins

You can download new skins from the addon directory.

  1. Unpack the skin zip file to a temporary folder.
  2. Use FTP to browse to 'www.yourserver.com/gallery/skins'.
  3. Upload the new folder which has been unpacked in the temporary folder.
  4. Login to the MG2 admin interface and change skin in setup.

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